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    With this application you can easily and quickly find names in your phone book without the need to push and hold your device . You can dial a phone number dictate digits or even just start a new search in your phone book. You do not have to say anything before a stored contact name, and you do not have to say the whole name. If you want to see the Smith family telephone numbers say Smith, and there will already be lining up the names and numbers of family members. In case you activated the automatic dialing features of the program, it will dial the first number from the list after the countdown time, of course, that you can stop or choose another number by clicking on it or using voice commands. Settings allows you to specify the default number should be the first on the list, and you can set your commands.
    When you are driving can be a useful the widget of the application , which you can say the name immediately after one button press . The application's widget theoretically able to detect sound through the microphone of bluetooth devices , unfortunately it does not work every device pairing , we are working on the problem . You can use your wired headset button to start the program, you have to set this function in the settings. You can use your Bluetooth device button to start dialing, or if it does not work its redialing function. Voice feedback.
    If you like the app , please give it five stars :-)
    The program requires internet connection under the version of Android 4.2 .
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