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** Please read the LIMITATION carefully **
1. Safety first, when you are driving:
*Use this application responsibly.
*Always pay attention to the road.
*Always obey all traffic laws.
2. Please try the demo version first.
3. The voice recognition engine may require a data connection. (Android™ 4.1+ may not need but I did not have a try).
4. Say word by word.
5. English only. US phone number format (ddd-ddd-dddd) only.
6. No call log support for third party dialer.
7. Android™ version support, bluetooth headset support,
This app should support Android™ 2.2+, and also support bluetooth headset.
But not all versions are tested. So you need to have a try to see if this app works well on your device.

Voice dialer EF(eye free) is a voice dialing program with voice confirming.
You do not need to see your phone's screen to make a call.

Step 1: Launch Voice dialer EF(eye free). There are 4 ways to launch the app:
*Tap app icon, or
*Press power key (when screen off), or
*Press wired headset button (if exist), or
*Press bluetooth headset button (if exist)

Step 2: Dialog with your phone: PLEASE SAY WORD BY WORD.
Typical dialog samples:

You: {9}__{8}__{7 }
Phone: {9}__{8}__{321-987-6543}

You: {2 }
Phone: {321-987-6543}

You: {Redial }
Phone: {321-987-6543}

You: {9}__{8}__{7}__{6 }
Phone: {9}__{8}__{7}__{321-987-6543}

You: {9}__{8}__{7}__{6}__{5}__{4}__{3 }__{No }__{2}__{1}__{0 }
Phone: {9}__{8}__{7}__{6}__{5}__{4}__{987-6543}__{987-6543}__{2}__{1}__{987-654-3210}

You: {9}__{8}__{3}__{No}__{6}__{Reading}__{Flush}__{9}__{8}__{7 }
Phone: {9}__{8}__{3}__{98}__{6}__{986 }__{Flush}__{9}__{8}__{321-987-6543}

Step 3: Here you go, you are on the call.

1. Speed dial number. Supports 10 speed dial numbers.
2. After you dial 3 digits or more, the app will search Call log and contacts to get a match.
3. Totally eye free. Inputing, editing, confirming your dial process via voice.

Please see Help for details.

Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.

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