Voice timer F (kitchen timer)



This kitchen timer, use the recorded voice as an alarm.

"Oh, I forgot" Do you have experience of how much?
"Oh, I forgot," Let's Set the timer to eliminate with simple operation.

* It is an application of ad-free.

Simple operation:
Will be recorded and then hold the microphone button.

Make sure you play.
If you do not have a recording, the sound sample will flow.

[Timer set]
Timer setting screen will be displayed by pressing the OFF button.
You can set an easier time with the slider.
Press the OK, start the timer.

The recorded voice will inform.
If you are not recording sound sample will flow.
Alarm stops when you press the OK button.

You can enter a title for each timer.
Input box will be displayed when you double tap the title.
Close the input box and tap on the screen.
This title is used to notify of the alarm.

[Number of calls]
You can choose in the range of from 1 to 30 the number of calls.

[Priority manner mode setting]
If there is a check, an alarm will be in silent mode (silent) display only.

Set the alarm volume]
Set the alarm volume.

Remove the recorded audio and title]
If you want to erase you erase the recorded sound. Title also disappears at the same time.

[Timer Cancel]
Cancel the timer screen will be displayed by pressing the ON button.
And press OK, the timer will be canceled.

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