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Voice Translate is a text and voice translator, a portable interpreter

  • Easy of use
  • Good-looking layout
  • Voice and text translator
  • Accurate
  • Should be enhanced to become a real alternative to GTranslate

"Translate this! Traduce esto!"

Smartphones have change the way we learn language. Thanks to apps like Voice Translate, we have a multi-language translator tool in our pockets. There's no way you can find the word you're looking for and get lost because of misunderstandings on a foreign country.

It works this way: talk in your phone in one language and hear it immediately in other language. Of course, you can choose both languages at your whim among the 20 supported languages. In this kind of apps, one of the most important point is the accuracy of voice recognition . We have tried Voice Translator in several language and it works pretty well, just a punctual misunderstanding here and there but, in general terms, voice recognition showed a good performance.

Layout and interface is probably Voice Translator's plus point. It has been designed to be simple and user-friendly. No need to navigate through screens, tabs, and get confused. Just select the languages, press the button and talk to your Android. If you want to translate text, tap on the latest speech recognition and change it with the keyboard. From settings you can set the length of the word dictation.

You can also share the words you've translated. This isn't super useful but, sometimes is fun sharing weird words which meaning you've just learnt. We like these brave attempts of offering alternatives to the big G. A good speech-to-text translator service.

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