Voiptester: Network Test Tool



Voiptester is free a network test and analysis tool for VOIP professionals. It allows users to not only measure their internet connection speed, but also view detailed network parameters like ping, packet loss, jitter, firewall access on a protocol level. Voiptester works by connecting to a VOIP server and generating a SIP and RTP traffic just like any other SIP client. This makes it ideal for analyzing VOIP Quality of Service (QoS), identifying network bottlenecks and firewall restrictions.

Displayed VOIP test includes those metrics:

* PING roundtrip time
* RTP packet loss
* RTP jitter
* RTP packet count
* RTP codec type
* HTTP up and download speeds
* Allowed firewall protocols: SIP/UDP, SIP/TCP, RTP, RTCP, ICMP, HTTP
* TCP/IP configuration
* Device details

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