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Control all of your volumes in one place

  • Lets you adjust volumes in one place
  • Misleading title
  • Runs in background

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"Pump Up The Jam"


This app lets you control all of your volumes in one place - useful, as the system volume control often only presents you with ones being used. It doesn't really boost volume however - the boost button just sets everything to max. The app also uses battery and RAM running in the background.


The app lets you adjust ringer, notification, alarm, voice call, media and system volume all in one place. This is useful as the system volume control often only lets you adjust voice call volume while on a call, won't let you set ringer and notification volume separately, and won't let you set system volume (although these things can usually be done in settings)


The fact that the app is called Volume Booster is a little misleading. It doesn't make your volume any louder - the boost button just maximizes all volumes. The app also uses rather a lot of RAM running in the background, which will slow the device and consume battery.

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by Oliver

Feb 25, 2015

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