Voluminator Free



Manages the sound profile you want at all times. For example, you are on the street and you need the ringer volume, notification, alarm, etc., are high, so choose the profile 'High' and ready! And if you want you can create your own profiles, all who want them!
What characterizes this application in relation to others of the same style? Well, here in just two steps configure your phone with the volume you want, forget about tedious interfaces where you have to take 4 or 5 steps, here alone is to open the app, choose the profile you want, and you're done! Simple and fast.

You have a widget too, which always show which profile you're using at the time.

I recommend the paid version, it has no advertising, is faster and is very cheap!

Enjoy it!

Note: Be aware that there is a distinction between the volume of ringtones and notifications, you must have unchecked the option 'Use incoming call volume for notifications' in your cell within Settings -> Sound -> Volume.
And the widget may not appear if the app is installed on the SD card, you have to move it to the phone memory.

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