Voodoo Carrier IQ detector



This app's goal is to let you find out as easily as possible if your Android device hosts CarrierIQ rootkit or not.

Results cannot be blindly trusted but the accuracy is decent already.
* Work is in progress: We are actually writing an optional public reporting feature, that will allow to build an wide database describing Carrier IQ installations.

How to remove Carrier IQ? Call your carrier, convince them to change of policy.

Important note:
Some anti - Carrier IQ fixes are not detected yet and can generate false positives (now improved a lot)

This is an open source app, please contact me for collaboration & contributions, we will work together.
You're welcome reviewing its source code. It's a security app after all.

- François SIMOND @supercurio
- Roman Birg @romanbb
- ktwombley

More infos about Carrier IQ + app that act and not just look, by TrevE


Required to look for evidences in logcat.

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