Voodoo Screen Test Patterns



Screen Test Pattern Android Application:

by François SIMOND aka supercurio

Note: this application is obsolete and has errors in the values used in color saturation measurements.
I'm working on a much superior, automated approach and don't intent to fix this one.
Join this Google+ community if you're interested by this project or have questions:

This app display simple colors on your Android device screen.
Those colors are then measured by a colorimeter or spectrophotometer
in order to build graphs or color profiles.

I recommend using free software Color HCFR:
but I guess alternative solutions like Calman or ChromaPure are fine.

Non-fullscreen pattern is intentional to help with measurement accuracy on displays with content-adaptive backlight/brightness control or brightness consistency issues when displaying large bright zones. Bad ratings for "missing fullscreen options" are lame and non welcome.
(This aspect can be improved)

- A computer
- A colorimeter or spectrophotometer

Features supported:
- Grayscale: 4-128
- Near Black: 4-10
- Near White: 4-10
- Saturations: 4-16

Application also has its own brightness level control

Source code:

See COPYING for license stuff.

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