Wake Lock - CPU Awake



With Wake lock no more deep sleep problems:
CPU Awake Wake Lock will stop your phone going to sleep mode. This is useful, reliable wake lock app when browsing internet, downloading large files, keep connected to Wi-Fi, using your USB devices, reading books and many other usages as discovered by users.

It is easy to operate:
You can select desired time for keep wake lock up and keep screen and keyboard lamps on.

Desired amount of time can be selected using the sliders.

Lamp Dim, Bright or Off status can be selected using the options buttons.

Press Activate button to start the CPU Awake wake lock. Notification will come in status bar when the wake lock is running. Use the Deactivate button to release the lock, at any time, before the time expires.

* app uses android native wake locks.
* app displays adds

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