Wake on Lan - with Widget



Start your computer with just one click from app or widget!
To add your devices, just run the integrated networkscanner.
It will save all computers with Hostname, IP-Adresse and MAC-Address.

Features in v1.4.8:
✓ Networkscanner to add new devices automatically
✓ Tasker / Locale-Plugin to automate wakeup of devices
✓ WAN-support to wake devices over internet (Please disable Broadcast in the expertsettings)
✓ Widget to start your computer right from your homescreen
✓ Online-status of your managed computers
✓ Manageable in groups

● "Wake on Lan" uses the WOL-Standard to wake up devices.
  In order to use it, WOL must be enabled on each computer.
  In order to wake devices over Internet, you have to configure adequate port-forwardings on your router.

● The networkscanner scans for all devices, which are currently online.

● Because of certain circumstances (like special network-topologies),
  the networkscanner may find wrong MAC-Addresses.
  If the wake-process fails, please check for a correct MAC-Address.

● Please search the web for more information about configuration.
  There are several tutorials available.

● The online-status of a computer may be wrong because of several issues
  like installed firewalls.

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