WarCalc Free Storm8 Calculator



THE ORIGINAL Free Calculator to optimize the purchase of buildings in games of Storm8.

Supports World War, iMobsters, Racing Live, Vampires Live, Kingdoms Live and Zombies Live.

✔ Vampires Ankou added.
✔ Major redesign for stability, avoid crashes, and devices with low memory.
✔ Calculator: just enter the amount to spend and Calculate!
✔ Owned quantity Input, in bulk easily through a file import. See more... http://www.warcalc.com/p/import-xml.html
✔ Add new buildings without waiting for an application upgrade. See more... http://www.warcalc.com/p/new-building-xml.html
✔ Purchase List Superimposed over the Storm8's game directly.
✔ Multiples languages ​​supported: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, (French in progress)
✔ Editing quantities over the list or Popup window.
✔ See Next Optimal building/character easily.
✔ Maintenance options: Backup/Export to SD, Restore/Import from SD, Reset app to factory state, Empty user data.
✔ Gestures.
✔ Animations.
✔ Complete Help System.
✔ WarCalc becomes Transparent to copy the amount to spend of the Storm8's game .
✔ And many others options.

Please help me to translate to your language.

Release notes:

See it work on YouTube: http://youtu.be/1T-jDFTbE0g (HD supported)

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