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A quick design solution for pipe sizing + pipe friction losses (with valve and fittings losses), chilled-water flowrate, condenser water flowrate, hot water flowrate, drainage gravity flow, drainage pipe gradient, pump motor KW, Pump NPSHa and NPSHr, Water density and viscosity, etc.

Pipe sizing and pipe friction loss calculations have never been easy. Not anymore! With a Pipe Sizer, you can do your pipe design and sizing at anytime, anywhere...


- Pipe Sizer:- pipe sizing for general water applications; extendable to pipe frictional loss calculation with Hazen-Williams equation and Le method for valve and fittings, or Darcy-Weisbach equation and K method for valve and fittings. Select pipe DN/ID sizes from a list of pipe material table.

- Pipe ID + Volume:- select pipe diameter (DN or ID) from the pipe material table and calculate pipe fill volume.

- HVAC Water:- find capacity or flowrate or delta Temperature for chilled-water, condenser water & hot water.

- Drainage gravity flow:- find flowrate or pipe diameter for full bore, 3/4 bore, 1/2 bore and 1/4 bore solved by the most popular Manning equation.

- Drainage pipe gradient:- find pipe gradient, pipe invert levels, pipe run, pipe drop for sewer and drainage system.

- Pump NPSH:- calculate NPSHa (available) and NPSHr (required) with various built-in selections including liquid vapour pressure and pipe friction losses.

- Pump motor kW:- calculate absorbed power for pump.

- Convert KW-Amp:- convert KW-Amp for 1 or 3 phases AC supply.

- Water density and viscosity:- calculate water properties for density, dynamic viscosity and kinematic viscosity at given temperature.

- "save-to-file" function with built-in text file viewer

- in individually selectable SI-IP Units

for detail, see http://pocketengineer2.sharepoint.com/Pages/aPipeSizer.aspx

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