Wave Control Pro


Wave Control Pro's review


Control your music and calls with gestures using your phones sensor.

  • Good 'how to use' explanation
  • Good set of options
  • Too finicky

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"Control Your Music With Gestures"


Wave Control is about as good as gesture control apps get. It has a good explanation on how to use it, and lots of set up options. However like all gesture control apps, it just doesn't work all that well - the little light sensor on your phone requires you to get your hand far to close to register waves properly.


As gesture control apps go, this one is good, It has a great explanation on how to use it, and plenty of set up and customization options.


Because of the way the app works, using your phones light sensor, it just doesn't work very well. It's far to finicky, to the point where it would be much faster to just unlock your phone and hit play.

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by Oliver

Mar 31, 2015

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