We Care Pro



App Name : We Care Pro
App Description : This app is for mobile security with useful features.
Instruction : After installation, go to control panel and
i) Click button "Start" to run the app.
ii) Click label "Edit panic details" to set them.

Key Features :-

1) Panic Situation
2) Sim Tracker
3) SMS Back up
4) Delete a File
5) Delete a Folder
6) Format SD card
7) Cell Location (For this, please enable Settings->Location Services->Check Google\'s Location Service)

8) Backup all contacts
9) Delete all contacts
10) Backup then Delete contacts
11) Search specific contact
12) Change Profile to
i) Silent
ii) Vibrate
iii) Normal
13) Sim Serial Number
14) IMEI number

How all these works:
You need to send text message(combination for your password + code + option) from any cell phone to the cell phone having this app installed. You will get all the reply to your registered email Id (internet connection required) with this app except for the Sim tracker and Specific Contact Search.
You can check these functionality stand alone by sending SMS to yourself.
How this app will be useful:\n

1) Panic Situation : Assume you are in danger/unknown/panic situation and don\'t have enough time to call or send sms to someone for help, for such situation, there is a button PANIC on control panel screen of this application, Click this button, it will open a dialog and click the button SEND MESSAGE. It can send sms to 5 people saying that you are in trouble and your current location. For this please fill your panic details correctly.\n

2) Sim Tracker : Automatic works.

Features from 2 to 13 are best applicable in the scenario : "Your cell phone is either lost or stolen."
Consider pwd as your password.

3) SMS Back up : Type : pwdSMS

4) Cell Location : Type : pwdLOC

5) Delete a File : Type : pwdDFsample.pdf
Where DF is code
sample.pdf is file to delete.
Please don't forget to add extension such as .pdf, .txt

6) Delete a Folder : Type : pwdDFDRTest
Where DFDR is code for Delete Folder
Test is folder to delete.

7) Format SD card : Type : pwdFORMAT

8) Backup All Contacts : It sends an email containing an attachment of .VCF file which contains all your contacts.
Type : pwdBC

9) Delete All Contacts : In case your cell lost/stolen somewhere.
Type : pwdDC

10) Backup then Delete : Here, First it will take backup then will delete all contacts.
Type :pwdBCD

11) Search Specific Contact : Again you forgot cell phone at home and need someone's number urgently. In this case you will get reply by SMS (Chargeable) from your cell phone.
Type :- pwdNAlbert
pwd is your password,
N is code,
Albert is name,
In case you remember partial name
Type : pwdNAlb

12) Change profile mode to : Suppose you not getting phone and unfortunately it is on silent mode, send below message to your cell phone which ever is applicable.
i) Normal Mode : pwdNM
ii) Silent Mode : pwdSM
iii) Virate Mode : pwdVM

13) Sim Serial Number : Type : pwdSS

14) IMEI Number : Type : pwdIMEI

To see function codes, go to Control panel screen. You can edit and set your own codes.


1) Please do not share password!!! Coz It has a functionality to delete all the contacts in case of cell lost.
2) SMS are chargable and will be sent in case of operation failure and for feature no 6 (Specific Search Contact).
3) The Buttons Lock and unlock will registered your app to Device Administration for preventing install and uninstall...
In Short if you press lock button your app cannot be uninstall until you removes it from device administrator. Unlock is the just reverse of the same.

Enjoy this app!!!!
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