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BETA version

WebWidget allows the creation of home screen widgets based on URL- or HTML-data chosen by the user.

Add a WebWidget to your home-screen by long-pressing on a blank part of a home-screen and choosing 'Widget'. Select 'WebWidget' and the widget will be created.

Long-press the new widget to resize or move it as you like.

The icon in the lower-right of the widget brings up the configuration for that widget.

This is BETA software. I am pleased that you chose to download it. However, I cannot be responsible for misuse of this software leading to damage of your device. The software relies heavily on internet connectivity and it is possible to configure the program to download vast quantities of data. I cannot be responsible for misuse of the software leading to Carrier Network/ISP bills.

Thank you for trying WebWidget. Please report errors or make suggestions for future version by contacting me at ric.haines@gmail.com

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