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Weight Digital Scale

The Best Weight Scale App on Google Play 2013 *

The most advanced and flexible weight scale experience available on the market.

Use your phone or a tablet as a weight scale! Press against the touch screen to measure the force with customized accuracy! Unlike other digital scale products, this app can customize randomization level of displayed weight so you can adjust it for your own need and make the scale look more real! Use it to prank your friends or deal marijuana, cannabis, cocaine, jewellery etc. Easy usage and fast force measurements. Measure food weight in grams or ounces like never before!

- Beautiful Graphics!
- Friendly User Interface
- No Ads
- Adjustable randomization level
- Supports Ounces ( Imperial ) and Grams ( Metric )
- Fast and easy measurements
- Great for food, drugs, jewellery

If you're a dealer of weed, dope, cocaine, marijuana, cannabis, hashish, crack, diamonds, jewellery or anything else like other drugs and stuff this is the app for you! Measure the weight, force, and prank people, it's that easy! Perfect for food measuring and other stuff! Grams and ounces now!

Good Luck!

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