Whistle for fun



Totem Whistle
Assocham Award winner 2013
totem whistle
sharp sound at full volume --------be careful near babies ears as sound volume if high
can be used for SOS or safety mode ..........can be used to call dog .......can be used to wake up a sleeping person ......to draw attention in a bus or train to eve teasers/molesters ........scare away a thief........or just for fun
we will soon be adding dog whistle ,stop baby from crying whistle ,sos whistle,police siren ,bird whistle ,
sos app for safety security of women /teenagers in bus, train,mall etc ---
tap to start whistle ..tap again to stop whistle .like a toggle switch
totem whistle ,totem torch flashlight and totem sos for women and totem global traveller sos are the series of 4 SOS safety apps launched by totem
young kids is it to play for fun also
u may give your comments on totem sos FB facebook site to share your ideas with friends globally to improve same
police may also use this whistle to play on the mic in times of emergency or citizens when under panic in red or yellow mode to use the whistle

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