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White-Gate AV is an AntiVirus security APP for Android. Free! (with USSD Blocker).
The malicious software detection algorithm allows to protect the Android device against viruses, Trojans, adware and spyware. This manual helps user to install and adjust the White-Gate AV on mobile device. It content also all basic functions and features of program.
Product Features
■ Real time protection as a service
■ APPs Scan
■ SD Card Scan
■ Windows autorun files Detection
■ Deletion of detected files / Move of detected files to quarantine or to ignore list
■ File recovery or clean deletion
■ Detection of outgoing call on the device in locked mode
■ Update and detection statistics
■ The virus database will be updated automatically one time per day.
■ It is possible to adjust the updates to run only by wlan.
■ User can block the autorun of selected applications on device new start.
■ It's possible to sort the installed applications according to their privacy permissions.
■ User can kill the selected application or uninstall it.
■ The FireWall feature for rooted phones only.
■ The settings of scanner can be protected with password.
■ Application Manager
■ USSD protection
■ No annoying advertising
Scan: In this view the user can start the mobile device scan and see the scan process. In case of malware-detections they will be shown in scan results view. There is possible to make a selection for each detected file and program (move to quarantine, delete/uninstall or move to ignore list).
Update: Opens update view where the user can update the virus database (in case of active internet connection).
Settings: In this part of program user can select the quarantune manager (list control of files which has been sent to quarantine), ignore list (the programms and files which will be ignored by the next scan), services (activation/deactivation of different guards), statistic (last update's, license's and detection's statistics), scan settings (windows autorun-files detection activation, archive-files scan activation) and info (White-Gate AV versions information).
Exit: With tap on this button the user can close the programm (in case of activated gurad, the service stay active,the programm icon will be seen on status bar and the mobile device will be protected ondemand).

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