Wi-Fi Bookmark Manager



This app acts as a little web server and allows you to easily manage the bookmarks in your default Android web browser. You can create, edit and delete bookmarks. Everything is local to your network - no 3rd party servers are used so your bookmarks are private.

Some Android devices allow a simple one-level folder structure. You can tell if you have this by the 'Create Folder' option when managing bookmarks on your stock Android browser. This app supports this as well (folder creation, deletion and navigation) as the more common single level of bookmarks and allows the easy managing of these bookmarks from your PC web browser. To use you navigate to the folder and create bookmarks just like the top level, but they will be created in that folder.

The configuration options allow for port number to be changed (> 1024) and a password to be set for web page access if desired.

You will only be able to access your Android web server management page via wifi on your local network - please do not expect it to work across 3G or through firewalls.

Tested on the latest Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome on Windows 7 and Windows XP but should work on almost all browsers as it uses simple HTML.

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