WiFi AdBlocker beta



Ad-Blocking app for non-root users.
This app automatically configures WiFi settings of your device to block Advertiser/Trackers' servers.
Users only need to launch app and tap "Ad-Blocking Function" to activate adblocking after install.

This app only works on WiFi network. (non-rooted apps cannot configure GSM/3G/LTE network.)
more details here: http://causeless.seesaa.net/article/311698186.html

This "beta" app is still developing. It will work on most devices but some might not. Please reboot your device and tap "Test current configuration" to examine your device.
known supported devices: http://adblocktest.usb0.net/gen/ualist.txt


- This app configures your device. Please turn off AdBlocking service BEFORE uninstall.
- Some app pre-load/cache advertising image into memory to reduce network loads. Please terminate the app completely by task killer app s.t. "White killer" after enable Adblocking function first time.
- This app is designed to be functional on WiFi connection. Non-root app cannot modify GSM/3G/LTE network configurations.

- This Ad-Blocking Function uses customized DNS servers to convert known ad-servers' domain to invalid IP. It means this app and servers DO NOT proxy your web browsing. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domain_Name_System
- Please remember that you have to use secure connection (HTTPS/POPS/IMAPS etc) for safe browsing even if you do not use this app. Ad-Blocking also works on HTTPS and may improve your privacy.
- Please try "Overwrite WiFi Setting" from menu if your WiFi settings seem to be corrupted.
- This app DO NOT require root privilege nor local proxy. If you already have rooted your device, try great app "AdAway". AdAway also works on GSM/3G/LTE network.

- If you need support or reply, please mail me or mention on twitter. App developers cannot get any address to reply from review.
- If this app does not work on your device, please let me know detailed information about your network environment.
To resolve the pleblem, please send to <appsupport@usb0.net>, website url or app name which show ads, model and Android version of your device, connected WiFi AP and manufacture (or service provider of WiFi Hot-Spot), WiFi advanced options (Settings->Wi-Fi-> long tap SSID->modify network->show advanced options). Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

- This app will block servers which host Advertising, User tracking and Malware/Spyware related contents.
- Currently, our blacklist contains most mobile in-app ads and some of web ads from companies in US/Japan. To improve blacklist for worldwide users, please let us know any suggestion.

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