WiFi Energy Saver




    Want to save battery life? If so, then WiFi Energy Saver is the application for you. WiFi Energy Saver turns off your Wi-Fi automatically when there is no WiFi hotspot to connect to in the current area. This saves energy that would otherwise be wasted on continuously scanning for Wi-Fi hotspots even when there are no appropriate hotspots to connect to. The application associates with your current area, marked by the current cellular tower you are connected to, a prediction of the Wi-Fi availability of that area based on your history. When there is no Wi-Fi available in your current area, it will turn your Wi-Fi off to help you conserve your battery's energy. So, download this application and extend your battery life today! Note: By installing this application, you are agreeing to participate in an academic research study that collects your context and location information. The information collected will be used solely for research purposes. Also, your information will be kept anonymous and confidential.

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