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    WiFi Explorer Analyzer

    WiFi Explorer Analyzer is a wifi finder and analyzer which can automatically search the available wifi around you and analyze the current wifi.

    The key features of this wifi app are following:

    1. It is a free android app which will not cost your money. You can use it without fee forever.

    2. It can automatically look for the available wifi and then show them on the screen with some detailed information such as SSID, BSSID, RSSI and Frequency.

    3. It can analyze the wifi and show the graph to you. The result with detailed information will display after the analysis.

    4. It allows you to set the parameters of the peak, filter, step timeout and step size.

    How to use this explorer and analyzer:

    1. You can touch the SCAN button to explore the available wifi around you. The detailed information of these wifi will show you. You can slide the screen to see all the information.

    2. You can touch the MORE DETAIL button to analyze the current wifi. You should know that when the calibration starts, all the sensor data will be log for analysis. You need touch the Sensor Data Area where the red, green and blue graphs are to get a result. If you want to get a good result, you had better touch at least fifty times.

    3. You can set the parameters of the peak, filter, step timeout and step size. This will make you get the result you want.

    4. Touching the STOP AUTO and then you need se the window size, after a while; you will get the analysis result.

    WiFi Explorer Analyzer is a good wifi radar which can help you get all the wifi that you can use. You know that the state of some wifi are not good and their speed may be very slow so that you had better test their speed and choose one good wifi.

    If you want to test the wifi, you must have a good wifi analyzer on your mobile phone. WiFi Explorer Analyzer can give you a detailed analysis result. In addition, it can show you the analysis graph with different colors. You will easily understand it.

    You can connect your mobile phone to the internet through wifi, but you don’t know which wifi is that best around you. WiFi Explorer Analyzer can help you find all the wifh which can be used and help you analyze them. According to the analysis result, you will get to know which wifi is the best to you. Therefore, you can enjoy the best wifi service.

    WiFi Explorer Analyzer is not the best version now and I hope that if you have any good advice, please let me know them. All your advice will make this app better and better. You will love this app.

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