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    Please download WiFi File Server Free instead. WiFi File Server Free removes the limit of download/upload file size, and it also support external SD cards

    The app (Lite edition) was not supported any more.


    ** the only one WiFi File transfer / sharing utility (in Play Store) with HTTPS support that encrypts the content and makes content transfer safer in open WiFi networks **

    Before you proceed to download the app, please read the following first:

    It is a Lite edition with ads. Lite edition/version has download / upload file size limit (max 2 MB for a single file). Upgrade to WiFi File Server (click menu - > Upgrade), you can get full features without file size limit.

    WiFi File Server can use HTTPS transport that encrypts the content transferred, and prevent someone on the same local network from eavesdropping your sensitive information.

    Using WiFi File Server Lite, you can browse and manage the files and folders of your mobile devices via WiFi and a web browser. No USB cable needed any more when WiFi is available.

    Feature list:

    1. Support HTTP, HTTPS, Password protection to file server.

    2. Using a web browser, you can browse and manage all the files and folders of your Android device via WiFi

    3. Download single file or multiple files (zipped) with one click

    4. Download folders

    5. Upload file, and process view & time estimate

    6. Delete files or folders

    7. Create new folder

    8. Rename file or rename folder

    9. Enhanced security. If you sign in WFS, and leaves your browser idle over 30 minutes, WiFi File Server will time out the session to prevent other people from using your machine/browser to access WFS.

    10. The password is dynamically generated for better security

    11. Start / stop / shutdown WiFi File server

    a) Any question about the application please contact us

    b) Make sure your WiFi configured properly

    c) WFS and your PC should be in same network so you can use a PC browser to access WFS

    d) To change port setting, click Setting to set a new port

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