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    Your WiFi speed is low? Speed it up by using our WiFi Booster! You can optimize your WiFi connection just by one click and also get quick access of the basic network informations. There is no such beautiful and spectacular WiFi accelerator as it! What is more, it's fully free!
    Accelerator increases speed immediately.
    How it works? We have discovered a new way which make it possible. It optimize network connections. It's very powerful accelerator thanks to our secret recepie. Our WiFi signal strength booster will calculate your signal coverage and location, recovery WiFi network, optimize android performance, change to the best wifi channel, renew and repair the connection to cell sites router and modem address to give a much improved signal reception and Internet speed, work as repeater, WiFi analyzer, and optimizer, WiFi accelerator. Maximizes and improve your phone's broadband, refresh wireless seeker, feel it with your faster Firefox Chrome and Line right now to browse Internet. Don't wait and let us help your Internet today.

    You don't need to root your device or use the superuser rights.
    Test it completely for FREE!

    WARNING: This accelerator might not work with all the phones but our testers have noticed general growth of performance. Always activate WiFi Booster when you are connecting to a new Network!

    In order to give you a free app and keep developing more free apps in the future, we are integrating a search tool to our application. This will add a few access points to your device (hence the permissions) to direct you to the web search service. Please consider using the search to help us keep creating apps. You may delete the search icon, bookmark and homepage easily. Thank you.

    Disclaimer: This booster is a pure placebo. We think that by providing such software we can make our users believe that their connection speed is much faster and this make them happy

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