Wipe Out



Wipe Out

This "Wipe Out" application was designed with the everyday person in mind. From the person who may or may not have been texting or making a call in the car when driving past an officer, to the person who is concerned about privacy and needs to clear his/her texts and call history quickly. This app is for you! Many states are adopting a "No Texting Law," and more are still making the change as well. However, did you realize that it is possible to still get a ticket even if you look at your phone to read an incoming text, without even responding? Did you know that in most states, you will not get a ticket if the officer views your phone and there are no calls or texts in the time frame he/she feels you have been driving? Using "Wipe Out," you are able to clear your text and call history easily. How easily? Simply one click of our easy to use widget, and they're gone!

-Easy settings screen for quick setup and fast installation.
-Privacy allows you to protect intruders from viewing any message or call history.
-One touch button to delete any “proprietary information” instantly.

We do NOT condone using your phone while driving, but we do understand that circumstances arise in which it may happen from time to time. Protect yourself with the "Wipe Out" app, and never worry about that pesky ticket ever again.

Make sure to leave your feedback on the app. We do check it and reasonable suggestions will be implemented.

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