This app serves as a virtual controller for your Protocol Helicopter.
Included adapter plugs into the audio jack on your device.
1.Top of the screen: Frequency selection. Select A, B, or C to select your helicopter’s frequency.
2.Center screen: On/Off button
3.Left side of the screen: Throttle used to control the height of the helicopter.
4.Right side of the screen: Direction control stick used to move the helicopter forward, backward, left, and right.
5.Bottom of the screen: Trimmer control. Use the < and > buttons to adjust the trim on the helicopter.
6.Upper right corner: Optional motion-sensitive control button.
7.Center: Rotate screen button if you prefer to flip the screen 180°.
8.Bottom right corner: Info Button. Features instructions for installing the adapter, a diagram of the controller screen, and a guide on how to use the application.

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