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This app allows you to convert coordinates between many of the world's coordinate systems. It uses the PROJ4 library and a lookup file containing projection and datum parameters to support over 1700 coordinate systems. Lat/lon, UTM, US State Plane, and many, many others are supported. You can also add your own projections if you know the parameters.

** Note: This trial version does not take input from the GPS or show locations in Google Maps - please upgrade to the paid version for a small fee for those features ***

Supported projections:
* Albers Equal Area
* Azimuthal Equidistant
* Cassini
* Equal Area Cylindrical
* Eckert IV
* Eckert VI
* Equidistant Cylindrical
* Equidistant Conic
* Gall
* Lambert Conformal Conic
* Mercator
* Miller Cylindrical
* Mollweide
* Oblique Mercator
* Polyconic
* Robinson
* Transverse Mercator

Keywords: world coordinate system projection project reproject reprojection latitude longitude easting northing datum ellipsoid zone

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