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Are you working variables hours? Do you never know at the end of the month if you worked enough hours?


My app will help you track how many hours you have worked per day. Tracking of worked hours is provided through
2 simple ways. First way is to enter manually the amount of worked hours. The second one is to use built-in recorder,
which allows to start, stop, pause and restart recording of your working time. The recorder works even if you are not
using the app.
Each work time log is bound to a task. You can either create a 1 task per day, which holds the amount of worked hours or you can create unlimited tasks per day and each task will have its own name
Also if your are a manager, you can use the app to manage working hours of your employees. Simply, when
creating jobs, enter the name of the person in the field provided for a the name of the job.

My app offers you a simple home screen widget which displays the amount of worked hours per current week or current
month or current year. I hope the widget will help you to keep track of amount of worked hours.

Main features:
- simple way of entering the amount of worked hours

- 4 different lists:
- Day - shows amount of worked hours per day
- Week - shows amount of worked hours per week
- Month - shows amount of worked hours per month
- Year - shows amount of worked hours per year

- a filter, which helps you to display only data which you are interested in

- 3 different settings:
- set starts of week to Monday or Sunday
- format of displayed hours, either as decimal number or in format of hours and minutes
- default amount of required hours per day

- separate screen for displaying tasks
- you can choose a wide range of days and the all tasks associated with selected days will be displayed
- edit multiple tasks at once
- delete multiple tasks at once

- THE BEST AS LAST - simple way to track your amount of worked hours:
- simple press a button to start tracking
- pause tracking any time(e.g. having a break) and restart recording again(e.g. when you finish
your break)
- stop tracking anytime - app takes care to store and show your tracked hours.

- a home screen widget which shows you a short summary of worked and required hours and the
difference between them.
- 3 different types of widget:
- Weekly - displays a weekly summary of current week
- Monthly - displays a monthly summary of current week
- Yearly - displays a yearly summary of current week

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