World Great Speeches English



It is a collection of the World's Greatest/Famous Speeches.
It can speak out.

Learning English, knowing World History...

You can make yourselves eloquent. Learn eloquence from the World's Greatest Talkers: Socrates, Alexander the Great, Queen Elizabeth, Washington, Lincoln, Napoleon, Cromwell, Gandhi, Churchill, Diana, Kennedy, Ford, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Thatcher, Clinton, Mandela, Obama...Malala

It's an Oral-World-History eBook. It tells you stories from the Ancient Greece, Roman Empire, Great Britain, the born of America, to 911 and the first non-white man president. All the great and big men in each era, they tell you in person how they succeed and shaped the past and the future world.
It is for People who like to know the development of our world, how it comes to now. You can learn the world's history.....Good for people in USA, UK, Europe because the center of modern world is on their side. And for Asian, if you are learning or want to improve your English, it is a good tool.

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