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Wod and OWod now, set owod in the group tab.

Ever as a gm been walking your group through a dungeon and asked everyone to roll a perception/spot check? Narrative stops and the metagame begins as players say things like well I definitely noticed with a 10 successes or I didnt do so good, you better roll. Even without meaning to the game slows down and immersion is damaged.

This version is based on the world of darkness(WOD) dice system, the number of dice rolled (including nat 10 rerolls) are show. Dramatic fails are shown by red player text and purple color. Setting the difficulty reduces the players dice pool correctly.

This is a tool that I have rebuilt in many forms over the years. Basically it gives you a way to make a check for all your players for a variety of skills. I have found this greatly speeds up games and is generally enjoyed by players.

This tool should be reasonably self explanatory, but if lost, hold down a touch for a few seconds to edit anything (players, skills etc). To delete anything erase all the text of the player or skill.

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