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Want to get involved in tackling the climate change issue? From taking a flight, switching on the lights, heating your home to going shopping, everything we do leaves our carbon footprints on the environment. The bigger your footprint, the more greenhouse gases you've personally emitted into the atmosphere. People have different carbon footprints, but everyone can do something to reduce their size.

This cutting edge carbon calculator is developed by WWF-Hong Kong, with measurements specific to the Hong Kong lifestyle. In just three minutes, you can find out last month's carbon footprint, as well as your annual one, provided with tailor-made carbon reduction solutions.

Calculate, cut and then communicate. FIND OUT YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT NOW!

Features of the Carbon Calculator
- Specific to the Hong Kong lifestyle
- Measuring carbon emissions from various aspects - home, local transport and air travel
- Comes with tailor-made reduction solutions
- One-stop low-carbon solution platform

Visit WWF Climateers (http://www.climateers.org) to obtain more low-carbon living solutions!

The Carbon Calculator App is sponsored by the Environmental Protection Department.

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