Xtm - One Touch Multitasking



Xtm (eXtreme Task Manager) shares features of both Task Manager and Program Launcher.
You can switch all running programs smoothly, and launch applications easily.


* Star button
No need to long press 'Home Key' to switch between apps.
Just click the button on the screen.
- Starred : switch (or launch) between your most favorite applications.
- Previous : switch (or launch) between two recent tasks.

* X button
Using X button (top right corner), you can use some action as follows:
- click : close current task (app)
- long click : close all task (app)
- drag toward left : restart current app
- drag toward left down : show program launcher
- drag toward down : show context menu

* App Launcher
Using X button drag toward bottom-left corner
- Favorite : You can launch your favorite applications, shortcuts
(navigation, music player, direct sms, direct call, internet bookmark, system setup shortcut, contacts, etc...)
- Recent : You can launch application that recently launched
- All : Show all installed applications

* Context menu
Using X button drag toward down, some useful function about current running application.
- Information : detail information
- Close : close current task
- Close All : close all task
- Restart : restart current application, move to the beginning.
- Uninstall : Show uninstall dialog
- Market : Go to 'Play store'

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