xvncpro: XFree86 X/X11 server



This is a port of the original XFree86 X11 server for Android with the original patches from realvnc. This application must be used either with androidvnc (free) or PocketCloud VNC (pay version).

A free version is embedded in the qvd client application (search Google Play for qvdclient), which you can invoke with Menu->Xvnc console, or the xvncpro icon.

This should be seen as a tool do port existing X11 applications to Android. See the help page for information about how to transparently invoke the X server from your application.

Information about how to use the X server with ssh to export remote display of your linux dektop can be found in the help section.

If you don't know what all this is then probably this application is not for you :-)

This work has been sponsored by Qindel for their QVD project, which I credit here http://theqvd.com

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