Yaffs Explorer




    Simple File Explorer with Yaffs(v2) Backup Support

    Main layout : Tiny font to see as files as possible...

    Can also explore and extract CPIO, TAR and ZIP archives (zip,apk,jar).

    Root and Non-root devices Support
    Enhanced by busybox (if available)

    An unicode-compatible busybox 1.19 is available on my website.

    Tested on these devices :
    - Motorola Defy 2.2 (480x854 240dpi - 4 buttons)
    - Motorola Defy CM7 (Android 2.3.4 r1)
    - Sony Xperia X10i
    - Galaxy S
    - SmartQ V3/V5 2.1 (480x800 - 3 buttons)

    No Ads, and no Network use !

    + New tool to dump Kernel zImage and Ramdisk.cpio (motorola)
    * Global fix to handle files/folders with quotes (') in names
    + Inspect manifest of .apk and .jar (context menu)
    * Better Orientation Handling
    * Text Viewer is now black
    * Enhanced CRC32/MD5 Checksum for big files

    v1.7.6 :
    + CPIO Archives Handling and extraction (like Yaffs images but faster)
    + View gzipped text files (txt.gz)
    * Normal Sort order for archive files
    * Specific color for hidden files
    * Zip opening optimization
    * UTF8 Listing in non-root mode too.
    + Create Zip archives (thread)
    * Fix "Try non-su ls" in root mode
    + .tar, .gz, .bz2, .lzo, .lzma Extraction (if busybox)
    * Fix CPIO links and block devices
    + Multiple Delete (with Refresh button Context Menu)
    + Added mtd* partitions in the dump tool

    + TAR Exploration
    * Cross-device link support on Cut/Paste
    * Fix zip creation relative path
    * Stop thread fix
    + New option to use Busybox LS
    + Create TAR Archives

    + Unzip fallback to busybox unzip if possible
    * Removed message when reloading app
    + Convert busybox dates (to compare)
    + Show /sdcard and /sd-ext free space
    + Better support for Cyanogen Mod 7.1 (permissions, yaffs, ls, free space)
    * UI Fixes for Android 2.3.4 (Defy CM7.1 ^^)
    * Cyanogen option to select "busybox ls" (default option uses also busybox style output)

    + Command History
    + Command Library
    + Copy-Paste in same directory to duplicate a file
    + Colorized Android Logcat
    + Check MD5 / SFV files
    + Text Editor can now save changes (unix format)
    * Fix busybox long group names (>8 char)
    * Add advanced file properties (busybox)
    * keep perm and owner/group on Paste

    * Enhanced busybox detection
    + Link to download busybox (sources on github)
    + Logcat without root access (new LOGS perm)
    + Motorola 2.3.3 system support (sdcard-ext, free space)
    + Enhanced root mode detection

    + Search in Text Editor
    + Better handling of big results
    * Fixed directory delete

    + Threaded MD5Sum Check
    + Gzip compression option for partition dump tool
    + Save user/group list in the SQLite database
    + Enhanced file "list" View
    + New reverse filter function
    + Create file (refresh/tool menu)
    + MIUI 1.6 color fixes (black text on white default background)

    + Prepare bottom slider for future 2.x versions
    * Fix cmd history export
    * Fix md5sum check, could report false success
    * Fix "resume" problem

    + Update framework
    * Enhance speed of Permissions tool (disable db storage)
    * Fix colors and directory selector on ICS 4.0.3
    + Basic Atrix support (special colors for small fonts)
    + Add Dumpsys output (su or not)
    - Remove telnet window

    * Update framework
    + Show bar with colors in dmesg/logcat
    + Add kernel modules list / modinfo
    + Share files (Dropbox / Gmail)
    + Disk Stats (r/w operations)
    * Fix yaffs image detection
    - Remove bottom slider for the moment

    * UI Update
    * fix yaffs reggression
    * fix remaining french errors
    + Refresh dmesg/logcat

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