Your Secret Diary



Your Secret Diary
We, human, are all have various kinds of feelings-happiness,
sorrow,desperation to name a few. All kinds of these consist of our
colorful and meaningful life. One may have friends all around and
relatives in company. For many feeling, we can express through our words
to others, sharing our happiness and sorrows. However, there is not
everything that can be shared with others, after all we are persons- the
highest animals. We can not have the impulse to be naked in the day and
tell others everything in our mind. We prefer to hide something for
some reasons or even no reason. It is just a secret, only for you-your
own secrets. In the past, we usually write our feelings in a notebook,
which is called Diary. However, time changes, so does the Diary. We are
not using the paper book to record or life and memory any longer.
Instead, we intend to use Your Secret Diary!
Your Secret Diary is a 100% free for the special-you!
Functions and features:
1. It is used to record your daily feeling and the things that you think
it is worth. The Diary includes the several parts-view Diary, add Diary
and review the previous diary.
2. Add Type: you can add the type of your Diary if you are willing, such
as sports, entertainment. Thus, you can classify your diary in
different kinds for your future reading.
3.Add feeling: after you tell all the things that happen to for a day,
how about writing something about your emotion and say some your
feelings about them? This is the space for you to write your feelings.
4. This can be regarded as a shortcut to add your daily Diary. To record quickly.
5. Safety guard: why will you choose this app? Why is called Your Secret
Diary? The answer is PASSWORD. When you enter this app, you should set
your own password. Here is for you to reset it. You can change your
password for some time to make sure your Diary is safe.
6. For the support: to share you experience with us, your friend and family.
Tell us your problems and rate us five stars if you like.
Would you like to change the way of writing your Diary? Here is the
time. Opportunity seldom knocks twice. Catch it, and get the full
version of it!

Generally the term "Diary" is today employed for personal diaries,
normally intended to remain private or to have a limited circulation
among both friends and relatives. The word "journal" may be sometimes
used for "diary" too but generally a diary has (or intends to have)
daily entries, while journal-writing can be less frequent.
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I hope you like this app, or like this version, it's my happy~~~ This app is free free free! No memony needed! I just hope you can enjoy it! This app includes some ads, such as icon ad, notification ad, or some other different ads. If you don't like them, you can just uninstall this app, and say goodbye to me~~~~><

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