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    Z Credit and Debit Card Erase

    What do you do if your credit/debit card(s) is lost or stolen? You do not have physical possession of your card(s) and you have stored on your phone your credit/debit card information for your own convenience and use and/or for NFC purposes, Google Wallet or other wallets, and/or for mobile commerce and mobile payments.

    Here is what you can do to protect your identity, and unauthorized use of your credit/debit cards:

    -if you HAVE your phone in your possession you can trigger cancellation of debit or credit card from your phone itself. With just a click you will be able to initiate cancellation of your cards and you will receive an email as provided below. You can choose to cancel any card, or all cards.

    -if you DO NOT HAVE your phone in your possession, you can remotely delete the card information stored in this downloaded app on your phone and receive an email with ALL credit/debit cards information stored in this app. This email you receive will provide you with the necessary steps and the information you will need to cancel/erase your debit/credit card information.

    -Email. As an additional security measure against identity theft and for your convenience, you will receive an email notification with (1) the agencies/credit bureaus for you to contact and (2) provide you with a website to contact police departments within the U.S. to file a police report when a text message erase is triggered remotely.

    Financial institutions/agencies/credit bureaus accept only personal phone calls to cancel and report lost stolen credit/debit card and identity theft. For police departments you can file a report in person or by a phone call; they do not accept emails. The email you receive will also provide you the necessary information you will need when you are on the phone and canceling the credit/debit cards and reporting identity theft.

    -You need a Gmail ID for the application to send email notifications of your information as a result of your erasing credit/debit cards. You can either read these notifications on this Gmail itself or you can choose to redirect the notifications to another different email account.

    One time price of $1.99 for a download.

    To download ZValet, this app must appear on the Android Market app on your mobile phone. If the app does not appear it means your phone requirements do not support the ZValet app for your phone.

    Field tested for Samsung and Sony Ericsson. Some other models by other manufacturers may have compatibility issues.

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