This mobile (android) application is designed to discover brand new colors and color schemes for designs and artwork. User can edit and discover new color schemes by simply changing its RGB values. He/she can save newly discoved color schemes and send it via mail along with HEX and RGB color codes. Through this application, the user can make any color combination for his designs.

Important features:
1. Add button (+) : upto 6 color schemes can be selected.
2. Edit color :, RGB Color codes are selected to discover new color schemes and accordingly HEX color code gets generated. Similar color function, Complementary color function, Darken & Brighten colors can be adjusted as needed.
3. Save & load : Newly discoved color scheme can be saved and loaded along with previously added color schemes.
4. Email: Color schemes with HEX & RGB values can be sent via email.

Tags: code to function color rgb