Zikir Harian + Tasbih



Zikir Harian will change and display the zikir of the day, comes with a tasbih/counter, and shake / volume up to increase zikir count.

*new* use proximity sensor to count/zikir and you can switch your screen off.
*new* Donate to disable ads. No separate applications. Do consider donating to help us cover host and development cost.

Tap the count button or use volume up. Scroll up to try lessen screen battery usage.

Ability to store current count to a file that can be loaded later, so we can continue our zikir

- donate feature ported. ability to shake to add up count; with screen off. see the video for demo. do get the donate app to support us, enable for zikir while walking, for example. Enable ability to set shake intensity level. The lower the number the easier it is to detect shaking motion

We are recommended to say the zikir 1000x or more. Ihya Ulumuddin - Sesiapa yang beristiqamah mengamalkan wirid harian ini, insya-Allah diberkati hidupnya dan dikekalkan hidayah dan taufiq serta mati dalam iman.

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