A theme installer with MetaMorph compatibility. It builds flashable "" files onboard the device by combining your existing system files with modifications from the theme files of your choosing. Supported files formats are ZipThemer and MetaMorph theme files. Root required.

Note, your best bet for configuring Edify is to use 'Option 1' in the Update Edify screen (via the ZipThemer menu). This requires having an file on your sdcard that is known to work on your device. If you installed the current ROM via a flashable update, then use the ROM update file. You don't have to install the update, just have it downloaded and available for configuring Edify in ZipThemer.

Also, when a theme doesn't apply on a new version of the OS, it means that the Android team or ROM developers have changed the name of image files within system APKs or the names of the APKs themselves. The solution is to create a new version of the theme that contains the correct file names for the new OS/ROM. Contact the theme author and request a version compatible with your version of the OS.

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