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From the place of departure, you create a route to multiple destinations patrol. Search and destination (distance) from the place of departure shortest, to create a destination to find the shortest route patrol Tsugi-jini. · Please distance, time in the car move, to reference. (Such as traffic congestion information is not incorporated) Maps and map will be displayed in google. (The amount of communication is less static in the map) • The way that patrol the multiple destinations is useful. • Notes on the free version A. Created only near the root of the order Two. Map near the address will not be displayed Three. Retention of data that is input is not Four. Adding a destination, but it can not be deleted. [Handsets] • The terminal is available in version 2.2 with more than AndroidOS. · This application has distinguished language and the area clearly.
When language is set as "English", please set up correctly the "country" which uses it.

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