AES and Traffic CCTV




    AES and CCTV application for Malaysia traffic.

    This app can perform the followings:-
    1. AES detector
    2. View traffic CCTV images

    How to use AES detector:-
    1. Enable your device's GPS to get your current location
    2. Enable internet to display map
    3. Click the AES Detector button.

    A map will be displayed showing your current location. Once you enter the AES radius, you will receive an alert. The app will run in the background once you have activated the AES detector. You can continue using other apps while the detector runs in the background.

    After you have finished using this app you must click the STOP button. If not the app will keep running in the background. If you can view the AES icon on your notification bar, it indicates the app is still running.

    Setting Radius - You can modify the AES radius (in Meter) to suit your preference.
    Setting Zoom - You can specify the map zoom level.
    Speaker - The app can alert you in speech. You can toggle the speaker function as you wish.
    Manage AES Location - You can add/delete any AES location from the database. However, you need to know the Latitude and Longitude of the location.

    How to view CCTV images:-
    1. Select CCTV tab
    2. Select any CCTV location from the listing

    For your info, we do not maintain the CCTV. The images may not be available all the times depending on how the authority maintain them.

    Enjoy it....

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