Airports in Norway



This app gives you updated departure and arrival times for airports all over Norway, presented to you in a simple manner. Very easy to use interface.

One finds all the details of your travel: the check-in counter that applies to your flight, the baggage belts used for your arrival or even delays!

All of Avinor's airports are supported, these are some examples: Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Flesland, Sola and Værnes. Besides Avinor, Sandefjord Airport Torp (TRF) is also supported.

Automatic selection of the airport based on your geographical position is possible.

Use this app if you are planning a trip to beautiful Norway!
We welcome constructive feedback!

Planned future features:

- Support for Moss Airport, Rygge (not operated by Avinor)
- Notification of status change of flight
- Logos of all the airlines
- Support for Swedavia (Swedish airports)
- Support for Denmark, Finland, Iceland

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