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This is a free/open-source, offline machine translation app.

It doesn't require an internet connection to work and you don't need to send confidential text through the Internet to get a translation.


You can mark text in e.g. the web browser, long-click and select to "Share" with Apertium to put it into the translator.

The first translation you do will be probably be slow, on older phones it can take up to a minute.
The subsequent translations will be faster.

On smaller phones you are advised to start out installing just one language pair.

To download language pairs we require internet access.
If you feel unconfident about that, you can switch off data connections while translating, or... you can download the source code and build your own version!


Afrikaans ⇆ Dutch
Basque → English
Basque → Spanish
Catalan ⇆ Italian
English ⇆ Catalan
English ⇆ Galician
English ⇆ Spanish
Esperanto ← Catalan
Esperanto ⇆ English
Esperanto ← French
Esperanto ← Spanish
French ⇆ Catalan
French ⇆ Spanish
Haitian → English
Occitan ⇆ Catalan
Occitan ⇆ Spanish
Portuguese ⇆ Catalan
Portuguese ⇆ Galician
Spanish ⇆ Aragonese
Spanish ⇆ Catalan
Spanish ⇆ Galician
Spanish ⇆ Portuguese
Spanish ← Romanian
Swedish → Danish

Want to make your own language pair?

It takes around 3 months of full time work to create a language pair from scratch.
We at Apertium will help you, of course, and if you are a student you could consider engaging in Apertium work being sponsored by the Google Summer of Code free/open-source
program. See http://code.google.com/intl/ca/soc/.


Apertium can also be installed on your own desktop machine, and is bundled with several GNU/Linux flavors.

If you want to quickly try it out on your desktop machine there are zero-install Java web start applets for most languages. Please see: http://wiki.apertium.org/wiki/Apertium-Caffeine.


This app would not have been possible without the support of Google Summer of Code (GSoC) stipends.

2012 GSoC student Mikel Artetxe - Making Java port of lttoolbox (dictionary engine) embeddable

2012 GSoC student Arink Verma - Created an Android app using lttoolbox-java

2012 GSoC Jacob Nordfalk - Mentor of Mikel and Arink
Re-engineering of lttoolbox-java for memory-constrained devices
Android app revision autumn 2012

2010 GSoC student Stephen Tigner - Java port of the Apertium C++ library

2009 GSoC student 2009 Raphaël Laurent - Java port of the Apertium C++ library

2008 Nic Cottrell - Initial draft of Java port

2009-2012 Jacob Nordfalk - Maintainer and GSOC mentor

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