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    All tips that will help you do business in Asia and understand better the man in front of you!
    What's the etiquette, what is the culture that if you learn will help you get closer to them and understand them better?

    Ever thought about doing business in Japan, Singapore, Philippines, India, Turkey, thailand or China?
    You will be amazed by the extreme differences of perception and way of life?
    While you're in Asia or interacting with asians from Japan, Singapore, India, Turkey China or many other countries at the far east, it is expected of you to behave and act in a certain way.
    Learn all about the small but important gestures that will make communication with the people on the other side of the planet productive and fruitful.

    We will give you many tips and instructions that you should follow, in order to gain respect, win trust and hopefully some of money.

    Amazing places of China, Fascinating cultures of india, Interesting etiquette of Singapore people or great food of Turkey and the philippines all and more you'll get here.
    - no visit is complete without knowing few cultural thing that makes the experience from nice to Incredible

    Learn how to do business in:
    - Japan
    - India
    - China
    - Korea
    - Philippines
    - Singapore
    - Thailand
    - Vietnam
    - Brunei and Malaysia
    - Turkey
    - Indonesia

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