AutoCheat provides you with live, accurate meter readings for Autorickshaws and Taxis in the cities: Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Chennai, Trivandrum and many other cities in India.
AutoCheat is designed to help you track your trip in terms of the distance and time taken. It helps you in calculating the exact fare for your journey based on the configured tariff rate applicable in your city for auto-rickshaws and taxis.
AutoCheat is especially convenient in cities where Auto-rickshaws/Taxi services have a tendency to tamper with the meter to claim more fare. For a frequent commuter who uses such services, it has been observed that one is likely to save up to 20% on a daily basis if the application is used diligently.
AutoCheat enables you to store your trips in the device that allows you to browse, evaluate, and view your trip data on map for every trip you record.
AutoCheat can also be used in the following scenarios:
• Health conscious individuals can keep a track of the distance and time when they walk/jog/run on day-to-day basis.
• Private vehicle users (Car/Motorbike) can keep a track of the distance and time taken for their routes on a day-to-day basis and thereby derive a trend and choose an effective route for easy traveling.
• It can provide the local administration of the city with the current traffic trends, if used by deploying sufficient observers.
• It can also be used to record coordinates of roads/route surveys.
AutoCheat is a user friendly application that has been designed based on holistic consideration of Users’ Experience. AutoCheat is designed to allow users to experiment with GPS, Networks Services and A-GPS methods of location recording.
1. Start a new trip recording and stop on trip completion.
2. View the fare details of your completed trip.
3. View information of your trip in the form of co-ordinates.
4. View the route of your selected trip on a blank canvass or on Google Maps.
5. Estimate route, distance and fare for journeys to new and unknown places. Input the Start and End points and get mapped routes of your trip. You can also trace your own route and estimate distance and fares applicable.
6. Supports pre-configured location recording modes for “Pedestrians”, “City Drive” and “Long Distance”. You can experiment with various location modes such as GPS, Network, and A-GPS methods of location recording.
7. Allows configuring of tariff for your city for taxis and auto-rickshaws.
8. Export and import your trip data in XML format.
9. View meter reading in status bar.
10. Allows verification of GPS through user friendly interface.
11. Writes log of your trip to enable you to evaluate behavior of chosen location method.
12. Comprehensive context sensitive help.

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