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    As featured on Gizmodo and on BBC World's Fast Track TV program, the Beijing Taxi Guide is filled with over 3000 big, bold-faced addresses in Chinese that show drivers exactly where you want to go. Now available on Android!

    What do users say about the app?

    "Best Application in the Store!"

    "I do not know how I survived here without this."

    “ a city where none of the taxi drivers speak English, this app is essential...”

    Want to try it out? Check out the video demo on YouTube at


    ✓ Taxi Cards: Just hold up your phone - the big, bold addresses in Chinese tell the driver exactly where you want to go. No more charades and no more getting lost!

    ✓ Local Suggestions: We added local suggestions from some of our coolest friends (DJ Wordy, China's 3-Time DMC Champion, local students, bar owners, and expats) - its easy to browse their knowledge with the Taxi Guide.

    ✓ Search: Want to find a specific place? Search for it in English or Chinese! With over 3000 locations and hundreds of hotels, it's probably in here! If not, let us know, and we'll include it in the next release.

    ✓ CardShare. Friends envious of your Beijing Taxi Guide? At least you can share the Chinese address with them via Email, SMS, or just by copying and pasting it into your program of choice.

    ✓ Custom Cards. Ask your local friends to input your private addresses and have every card you need with you at all times!

    ✓ Notes. Trying to remember why you love that hutong shop on the corner? Make a note of it and you'll never forget.

    ✓ Integrated MapView so you don't have to exit the app to see smooth zoomable, scrollable Google Maps!*

    ✓ Integrated WebView so you can read view reviews from the web from inside the app!*

    And don’t worry; it doesn’t need an internet connection, so you won’t get dinged with roaming fees. (*Please note that mapping and internet browsing of reviews require an internet connection and will use data). We'll be providing constant updates, since the app is offline and Beijing changes so quickly, so stay tuned, add your hotel to the favorites, and enjoy Beijing!

    See the demo on YouTube:

    HoodHot Travel: The hottest venues in neighborhoods around the world.

    For comments/corrections, please contact with detailed venue information and we will update the database in the next release.

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