Belgrade Offline Travel Guide



Belgrade lives a dynamic night life that answers all the wishes and always reacts to the new tendencies. Each month there is an opening of a new clubs, cocktail-bars, lounges or discotheques in Belgrade. The Belgraders never go out before midnight to the discotheques, so your evening should start in one of the trendy bars or restaurants! After that - a club, discotheques or a barge, according to your mood and your taste!

The ultimate travel guide comes to your Android, with offline viewing. This guide has:

- all the must see locations, including pictures, details and an offline map
- offline maps, at 4 levels, so you can find your way without internet access
- all the country info you need to know before you go
- all the annual events you should go to if you can
- an offline version of the wikitravel page
- the current local time
- the exchange rate
- the local weather

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