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Description Travel app helps traveling professionals to better manage their daily business and personal driving records by keeping an IRS compliant mileage and expense log on their Android phones. It stores the starting and ending addresses of each trip, purpose of the trip, the odometer reading, distance traveled and the travel related expenses on your smart phone.

Our app is seamlessly integrated with a number of Google apps and allows the users to select the travel destinations from the Google Contracts or Google Calendar events with the on-screen shortcut buttons. With a touch of the built-in Navigator button from the BizRoamer Travel app, it brings up the Google Map Navigator with the destination address populated automatically to guide you to the destination without going through the hassle of entering the destination address on the navigator manually.

At the conclusion of the trip, it prompts the user to enter the trip information, such as, the purpose of the trip, odometer reading and trip related expenses. This information is then stored on your smart phone. Subscription based users have the privilege of uploading and safe guarding their travel records in our cloud storage, and generate weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly IRS compliant mileage and expense reports to file their tax returns for 99 cents per month.

As a FREE add-on bonus, the BizRoamer Travel app comes with a GPS Tracker that keeps track of your route and display it on the Google Maps from a web browser. If you are traveling to an unfamiliar area in a taxi, you may want to enable the GPS Tracker and tell your cab driver that you are keeping track of the route to avoid unnecessary detours. Concerned parents can keep track of their kids’ where about using our GPS tracker. Vacationers can also use our app to track their favorite trips.

The free version of our GPS Tracker records the GPS location of your phone once every 30 minutes. This provides almost 50 data points a day which can plot a rough route without draining the battery of your phone. For users who prefer a finer resolution, higher sampling rates of every 60, 30 and 20 seconds are available with subscription fees of $0.99, $1.99 and $2.49 per month.

Business with field workforce or fleet will find our app and GPS Tracker extremely useful in managing their mobile workforce and fleet. Their real time GPS locations and routes can be shown on the Google Maps. In addition, the Google Calendar can be used to establish the work schedule agenda and route for the workforce to follow. Courier business, limo, car, bus, delivery business require visiting customers or traveling are good candidates for using our Travel app.

Your privacy is our top priority and concern. All GPS data is encrypted on your smart phone before being sent to our server and stored in the encrypted cloud storage for 7 days before overwritten. Under no circumstance will your GPS data be shared without your consensus.

Our GPS Tracking Feature allows the user to have total control of the enabling or disabling the GPS tracking capability as well as specifying the start and end time for GPS tracking to conserve battery life.

Providing GPS tracking and safe store on the smart phone is our unique feature and the major differentiators from other GPS apps. When your smart phone is outside cell tower coverage, it would not be able to send the GPS data to our server. However, our app automatically saves the GPS data on your smart phone. When your phone is back in the coverage area, it will automatically resend the GPS data, so there is no data loss (unless the phone cannot receive GPS signals from the GPS satellites).

Real time GPS tracking incurs heavy demand on the phone battery, we provide a battery saving option for the subscription based users to batch up GPS data before sending it to our server in 1-5 minutes intervals which greatly reduces battery consumption.

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