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Compare hotel prices on the world's biggest hotel booking websites using BookMe Search & Compare Hotels!

BookMe Search & Compare Hotels is the Android app brought to you by The hotel price comparison app searches and compares more than 2,000,000 hotel deals from 100's of booking sites to find the lowest rates on the best hotels.

Just enter your travel search criteria one time and the app automatically finds the best hotel websites to fit your needs. These websites include:

★ Expedia
★ Priceline
★ Travelocity
★ HotelClub
★ Skoosh
★ Hilton
★ Agoda
★ Intercontinental
and many more!

BookMe Search & Compare Hotels features include:

• Search for hotels near your current location
• Organize search results by Price, Popularity, Rating and many other filters
• Comprehensive details for hotels - descriptions, images, ratings and more
• Filter your hotel results to find hotels near landmarks or other points of interest
• View hotel rates in your local currency or the currency of your choice
• Book hotels directly from your mobile phone
• High-definition graphics

Download BookMe Search & Compare Hotels for free today! You will NOT regret it.

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